Friday, September 23, 2011

She doesn't really mind being held... When it's her own idea

I'm a regular goddamned social butterfly these days.


Things have been going well.

I've started hanging out more with my ex, Frank. If you've been reading this nonsense long enough to keep up, you'll understand how weird this is. As it turns out, however, apparently people really can change.

Who knew?

We've been running a weekly game night with Bambi and the occasional stray. It's been a blast. I don't spend much time in the apartment alone anymore. Not nearly as much by comparison to a couple months ago.

Work has been pretty tolerable too, all things considered. Sure, we're busy as fuck and understaffed... But I've been doing alright. So much so, that I ranked in the top 10% of employees in the call center. And that's out of the highest performing call center in the company. (And for the record, this is a pretty big company. So big, that I won't post its name here. Cuz, well... You've heard of it.)

Although, it's funny... The company rewards its top-performing sales-people with trips to beach resorts. It rewards its top performing quality/customer-satisfaction/productivity employees with beach towels.

You can see where the corporation's priorities lie.

But to be honest with you, most of the things that bother me don't seem so bad anymore.

I work for a large heartless corporation...
BUT, I managed to trade UP from my previous job without any period of unemployment - IN THE MIDDLE OF A GODDAMNED RECESSION. That's a pretty fucking impressive feat. SO many people right now are unemployed, or forced to settle for lesser work that they are clearly overqualified for. This isn't what I want to do with my life... But this ain't too shabby, considering how things look out there.

I've been unable to conceive, despite the fact that I am a freakin' baby whisperer...
BUT, I have ready access to many friends with infants who I can help out with. I can get my baby fix anytime I want, and also get to share my insight and advice. (Seriously, I'm amazing with kids. All ages. The year working in a 0-11 daycare during high school, plus the time spent as nanny to multiple infants and toddlers helped me learn my shit. I can get a baby to stop crying, a toddler in diapers to use the toilet, a 6 year old to give a heartfelt apology to his sister, a 9 year old to have fun with their english homework... I am the rock star of the child-raising world. I was WIRED to do this shit.)

It's been a little easier to see the silver lining, lately.

Life is good.

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