Saturday, July 2, 2011

Right Back Where I Started From

Today I'm hopping on a plane. And then I'm going to be sitting in an airport for 4 hours. And then I'm getting on another plane. And then I'll be in Oregon.

Then, TOMORROW, I'll be in Crescent City.

It's crazy to realize that I haven't been in Crescent City for the Fourth of July in 5 years.

I miss it.

The town sucks, but they know how to throw an Independence Day festival.

It seems that every decent person that escaped returns for this one day of mingling, candy-catching, drinking, live music, and fireworks.

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Colorado Springs throws festivals, too... But they aren't the same.

The Fourth of July used to be my favorite holiday. So much so, that Kris and I claimed it as our anniversary. In truth, we got together on July 2nd... (Seven years ago today, I just realized...) But the Fourth was more fun.

I don't know how many of the festivities I will be able to partake in this year, as they will coincide with my sister's wedding... Which is the real reason for my trip.

She's throwing an Alice in Wonderland themed shindig, complete with "eat me" cakes, and mad tea party. There will be pictures.
I will be her maid of honor, dressed (vaguely) as a playing card.

Work has been pretty overwhelming lately, so I'm very much ready for a vacation.
Unfortunately, this uses up the rest of my vacation time for the year... And a trip back to the town I fought so hard to escape hardly counts as a "vacation"...

But it's something.

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I'm not bringing my laptop this time, but I'll have my smartphone.

Wish me safe travels, and such.

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Leontien said...

Good luck and have fun!